This is about a new film called “Red, White & Royal Blue Film”. The film will be made by Amazon Studios & Berlanti Productions in 2023 and will be available on Amazon Prime Videos. The director of the film is Matthew López, who also was a screenwriter alongside Ted Malawer.

The trailer of the Red, White & Royal Blue Film (Amazon Prime video 2023)

Is there a book?

Yes, there is a book about this upcoming film. The film is an adoption book of the book, which is Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston. The book was released on 4 May 2019.

What is the book about?

The book is about Alex Claremont-Diaz, the First Son of the United States, and Henry, the Prince of Wales—their fake friendship to mend diplomatic relations blossoms into a genuine and clandestine romance. Navigating public scrutiny and political challenges, they embrace their love, becoming beacons of inspiration. The enchanting tale explores acceptance, family, and breaking societal barriers, earning widespread acclaim for its captivating narrative and progressive themes.

What do we know about the film so far?

The film is about the son (Alex Claremont-Diaz) of the American President who sparks a feud with Britain’s prince (Prince Henry). Their love is seen as something the whole country matters in the public interest if Prince Henry can leave the UK and live in the United States of America. Will there be any issues between Prince Henry & Alex Claremont-Diaz during the film? The film is a romance comedy that follows the life of a Royal called Prince Henry.

The film is going to be released on 11 August 2023. Preview screenings are starting on 27 July 2023 in London, United Kingdom.

What do I think that would happen in the film?

I think there will be lots of exciting moments in the film as it has lots of tension with both families as they want to create a set image of themself for everyone to see them as significant people. This will lead them to have lots of deep talks with their families. That will be tough for Alex and Prince Henry as they seem to love each other and can’t stop thinking about each other, which will have an exciting turn for the audience to explore how they behave after the first meeting at a wedding they both had to attend. This will lead them to have more issues as time passes, as they try to hang out without people knowing about them.

Were my predictions correct?

My predictions were correct. I know this because I attended the preview screening in London on 27 July 2023. The preview screening was terrific, with everyone eager to watch the film alongside the red carpet with posters, props and people in costumes. The team which hosted the event were great. They wanted to make sure that the event went smoothly. Sadly, there were no actors during the event because they participated in the SAG-AFTRA strike.

What do I think about the film?

The storytelling was authentic because the realistic sets created a terrific wow factor that the audience enjoyed alongside the costumes used for all the characters. The costumes played a massive part in setting the mood and the environment of the scenes in the film, as well as props that have been used to play a more significant role in the creative progress of the film to create wow, fun moments throughout the film.

The film does not clearly show what happened with both leading characters at the end. However, they strongly implied what has happened next in the new chapter in their lives.

The ending was fantastic as the family had agreed on essential decisions regarding the truth of what had happened to the people involved in the incident. The people involved expressed themselves in a way that shows they are not people who can get pushed around. In a way, they have a say in what is important to them and how they deal with it.

They left many unanswered questions regarding what has happened to other characters involved with both lead characters in the film. Nevertheless, it has created smooth transitions in the story regarding both lead characters.


The film has been created to show how people find love when they don’t plan to do so. The storyline was engaging and tough out, with lots of funny moments. As the film progressed, there were more emotional moments for the lead characters. The film is about LGBQ+ love alongside being a royal. The show’s life as a royal is not as fun as it seems.

Red, White & Royal Blue Film

This is about a new film called “Red, White & Royal Blue Film”. The film will be[…]