There was a new session of Heartstopper that came out on 3 August 2023. The show was made by Netflix & See-Saw Films and directed by Euros Lyn. Alice Oseman. The show has been nominated for 22 awards and has won 14 during its first session.

Are there any books or comics?

Yes, there is a graphic novel that Alice Oseman creates. The TV show is an adoption of graphic novels. Alice Oseman released her first one in 2016. Alice Oseman is currently working on making more graphic novels.

What are the graphic novels about?

The graphic novel series centred around Nick and Charlie, two boys attending the same all-boys grammar school in England called Truham Grammar School. Nick is a popular rugby player grappling with his sexual orientation, while Charlie is openly gay and artistic. They had started talking to each other when Charlie was moved to Nick’s form group. The series beautifully explores their self-discovery, love, and acceptance journey as LGBTQ+ individuals facing societal challenges.

Session 2

The trailer of the Heartstopper Season 2 (Netflix – 2023)

What do we know about the new session so far?

This session will be primarily set in Paris, France, as the students are going on a trip with their school. Nick and his year group will need to sit exams. Charlie will have many issues that will be apparent to Nick, and he will be worried about him. Nick and Charlie are out as boyfriends with their close friends.

What do I think would happen in the show in this session?

Nick will be coming out as bisexual to his school as people don’t know about him. Nick will go to group sessions. More coupes will rise during the session, with everyone on edge as these will be explored. Nick might get picked on in his school for romantically liking Charlie. Nick and Charlie would have more time with each other.

What do I think about the show in this session?

The show explored many different parts of Nick and Chialire’s relationship in a manner that was not overwhelming to the audience and was entertaining to watch. Their relationship will be bumpy as they enter a new relationship stage. Their friends will be happy for them as they all spend lots of time with each other,

Session 1

The trailer of the Heartstopper Season 1 (Netflix – 2022)

What happened on the show in this session?

Charlie Spring has been placed in the same class as Nick Nelson. Charlie has a crush on Nick. Charlie’s friends say that Nick is the star player on the ruby team, mentioning that he is the straightest person. Charlie’s friends think that he has a silly crush on Nick. Charlie can’t stop thinking about Nick romantically and wants to know how to stop liking someone.

What did I think about the show in this session?

The show builds suspicion between the romantics in the front, which is entertaining. The narrative of the show was easy to follow with lots of interesting moments. The shows did follow most of the graphic novel with the events that happened in the show. The sets that was used were amazing as they had focous well on the details of the environment well.


There was a new session of Heartstopper that came out on 3 August 2023. The show was[…]