About me

Matthew (Matt) Dyachuk

I’m Matt, a Film and Media Production LSBU student based in London. In 2023 I was shortlisted to participate in the BFI film production courses. This opportunity has allowed me to work on a number of high-profile productions with the BFI Film Academy that have followed standard industry practices.

I’m a Multifaceted Media Professional that focuses on short films that are mostly documentary based. In addition to this, I study and partake in various independent projects which include film, photography, sound, lighting and editing. I liaise with music venues, educational institutions, and sports charity societies to provide product reviews, showreels of events, interviews, product placements, reviews and vlogs. It is making me versatile enough to meet numerous business needs and expectations.

I am eager to learn about all areas to develop my career and find my place within the industry. I am punctual, reliable and value-oriented and will put my best efforts to meet your expectations.